Xbox and Tempur used NASA tech to make this ‘Starfield’-themed gaming chair

The spacey collab is tied to the upcoming release of the interplanetary video game

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Aug 23, 2023

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Do they have video games in space? If so, this brand partnership creation is ready for liftoff.

To celebrate the launch of spacefaring game “Starfield,” Xbox and Tempur teamed up to construct a gaming chair and monitor to soothe the aching spines of those glued to their screens—as well as let them live their Han Solo fantasies.

The “Dream Chair” looks like it was wrenched right out of a space station, and that’s partly because it was made with NASA tech, according to Tempur. The seat features the bedding brand’s pressure-absorbing material, which reportedly mirrors NASA’s cushion construction developed for use on space shuttles. Designed by Nicholas Alexander, the UFO-chic setup also features joysticks built directly into its armrests, an extra-wide monitor and a platform connecting it all adorned with blinking lights and chunky mechanics all in slick chromes, whites and pops of red. The rainbow-and-stars “Starfield” logo is printed on its floor.

The “Dream Chair” is reportedly fully accessible—the seat fully swivels to both sides so the user isn’t forced to step up onto the platform.


The chair’s launch video looks ready for projection on your local planetarium’s ceiling. It merges starry graphics with mattress advertising tropes, such as a hand that presses into the cushion, leaving an imprint. But where any old mattress ad might stop there, this one fills the hand’s imprint with a galaxy and zooms through it. The narrator describes the chair as a “gateway to infinite possibilities” while showing “Starfield” footage in which characters adventure on spacecrafts to alien planets.

Like “Starfield” players, the “Dream Chair” will also be traveling long distances. It was debuted in the Xbox booth at GamesCon in Cologne, Germany, and will next be displayed at the Saturn Xperion store in Germany. In October, the chair will journey to the Tempur store in London, before being auctioned to a “Starfield” fan in a charity raffle.

“We see the ‘Starfield’ x Tempur ‘Dream Chair’ as more than just a gaming setup; it’s a portal to transport the gamer to new worlds,” said Marcos Waltenberg, Xbox partnership global director, in a statement. “Complete with modular cockpit, it artfully mirrors ‘Starfield’ gameplay to give players the feeling of truly captaining their own spaceship, whilst the incorporation of the unique Tempur material ensures ultimate comfort as gamers lose themselves in play.”

“Working with a leading global gaming brand like Xbox has given us a vast platform to retell the story of Tempur’s NASA heritage and showcase Tempur Material’s unique pressure absorbing qualities, whilst also learning plenty about the joys of gaming and the value players put on their immersive set ups,” said Tobin James, Tempur UK managing director, in a statement. “The ‘Starfield’ x Tempur ‘Dream Chair’ is the pinnacle of thoughtful design, created with a space explorer in mind and celebrating the values of comfort and innovation.”