Earthquakes, Equality and Terrorism: Facebook's Year-End Video Marks Moments That Brought Us Together

Social Network Also Provides Some Fascinating Top 10s

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Dec 09, 2015

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The theme of Facebook's year-in-review video is taking action and coming together. The film not only recalls the top 10 most-discussed subjects of the year (including the U.S. Election, Syrian refugees and the Nepalese earthquake), it shows the posts and comments -- from ordinary people, not celebrities -- that accompanied some of these topics.

As you might expect, it's slickly edited, with the pictures and video accompanied by soundbites from news reports, and interspersed with clips from rousing speeches -- Caitlyn Jenner, Viola Davis at the Emmys --- that inspired people to post on Facebook. Of course, there are also more light-hearted moments: sporting triumphs, Star Wars, blood moon photos and crazy videos. But the overall theme of the video is serious; it ends with the world's response to the Paris attacks, and the message "Let's stand together in 2016."

At the Year in Review website, you can explore more data in-depth, including some interesting top 10 lists (on topics like music, movies, politics and TV shows) mesaured by how frequently a topic was mentioned on Facebook.