Paris, Caitlyn and 'The Dress': See Twitter's Year in Review

Video Celebrates Hope as Well as Darkness

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Dec 08, 2015

Editor's Pick

Twitter's 2015 Year in Review film, created in partnership with Getty Images, starts on a somber note, reminding us of all the pretty terrible stuff that's happened this year. As we run through Paris, Charlie Hebdo, drowning migrants and Black Lives Matter, you'll wonder what kind of awful world we live in. However, Twitter knows there is hope (and trivia), to celebrate too: marriage equality, Caitlyn Jenner, "The Dress."

At the Year in Review website, you can also explore data on the most influential tweets, the most retweeted (top is a tweet from Harry Styles on the departure of One Direction's Zayn Malik), plus Twitter trends and high profile "new voices."