Channel 4 Lets Viewers 'Direct' an Ad Break via Twitter

Social Media Will Control Different Versions of Music Video by Years & Years

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Jul 09, 2015

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Channel 4 is letting U.K. viewers "direct" an ad break by way of Twitter, in a collaboration with pop band Years & Years.

Starting at 9.45 on Friday night (July 10), viewers will be able to vote throughout the three-and-a-half minute ad break to switch between three completely different, never-seen-before performances of the band's latest single "Shine," using different Twitter hashtags: #ChooseDark #ChooseLight or #ChooseShadow. These correspond to the style of each separate music video. Years & Years, who recently played at Glastonbury Festival, are known for performances that include spectacular lighting displays.

Tweets will be counted live during the ad break and tallied every 30 seconds, at which point the music videos will switch seamlessly to the most popular creative at the exact same place in the song. A selection of participants' Twitter handles will be broadcast during the break. Channel 4 Sales, Polydor Records, MediaCom and creative agency The Outfit worked on the project.

Separately, Channel 4 is inviting people to submit their own creative ideas for a promo for its youth channel, E4, in its annual competition E-Stings. The competition is open to anyone, and viewers can also vote on Twitter for the winners.