Emerald Nuts Turns a Customer Review -- 'Yes Good' -- Into Its Brand Tagline

Barton F. Graf Turns Brand Reviews Into Art

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Mar 28, 2017

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Sometimes, all the fancy taglines in the world aren't as good as a couple of words from a satisfied customer. So Emerald Nuts has taken a deceptively simple review from a customer on Amazon -- "yes good" and turned it into its brand tagline.

In a campaign through Barton F. Graf, the Snyder's of Hanover-owned brand is using the two words in a series of ads. It has also partnered with international artists, directors, animators, and musicians to make a short series called "Revue of Reviews" in which each film brings a real customer review of Emerald Nuts to life in an artistic way.

The agency has made changes on the Emerald Nuts website, switching all of the product descriptions to real customer reviews of Emerald Nuts. The brand is encouraging customers to write their own reviews and buy products in the hopes that their review will get turned into Emerald Nuts' next tagline.

However, one mystery remains: Emerald and Barton F. Graf have not yet been able to track down the anonymous reviewer, but they hope to so they can give him or her the credit they deserve. The only clues were left in the reviewer's Amazon wish list (which Emerald says it will buy if they find the person) -- a wireless doorbell, a wristwatch, and a vacuum cleaner.

Does anyone know who the mystery nut-lover could be?