Yorkshire Tea Gets Evangelical as it Takes Us to 'Brewtopia'

Latest Spot From U.K. Brand Advocates Tea Worship

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Jul 06, 2015

Editor's Pick

If Legal Sea Foods wants us to convert to Pescatarianism, this spot from the U.K.'s Yorkshire Tea seems to be advocating a tea-based religion.

The Taylors of Harrogate-owned brand that has impressed us before with its quirky ads, and stunts such as recreating Spice Girl Mel B's head as a cake. This latest spot, by BMB, starts out perhaps more traditional, but retains a touch of quirkiness as a hapless factory employee is collared by an evangelical co-worker who impresses upon him the superiority of Yorkshire Tea's way of doing things. He's quickly transported to a hillside where we're told that Yorkshire Tea in fact represents "Brewtopia" and "The Hanging Gardens of Put Kettle On."