Prudential : Yossi Ziff Surfer/Teacher

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Apr 28, 2014

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The golden years of retirement don't have to be about whiling away the days spending too much time on Facebook or on the golf course. They could mean a chance for a second life and even a new career. Such opportunities take center stage in Droga5 New York's new integrated campaign for Prudential, "Chapter Two," which picks up where the moving 2011 "Day One" push left off. The campaign tells the stories of retirees who flourish in new, creative careers, only after they've signed off from their former professiions. But not only do the retirees appear in the campaign, they're also involved in making it.

One film, for example, stars Carol Lewis, a retired postal worker who goes on to study documentary filmmaking --and then ends up directing another film within the campaign, about a retiree who again starts to nurture her love for music. Other retired professionals including an IT guy-turned-musician and a business exec-turned producer also helped make the film.

Other online videos star salesman-turned-surfer Yossi Ziff, and Francesca Azzara, a retired real estate broker who restarts her career in fashion -- and goes on to design a dress for a yet-unnamed celebrity out of fashion house Marchesa. Her ongoing story can be followed on Prudential's Facebook page and on the campaign site.

Other executions in the effort involved the creative efforts of retirees. A painted wallscape in New York's Soho district will showcase the art of retired bank examiner-turned-painter Mike Tiscia, and rich media units will also feature retired architect-turned-artist Bob Pillsbury's laser paper-cut art.

"It's not about sitting on your hands waiting to die," said Droga5 Creative Chairman David Droga. "People in retirement are part of one of the biggest brain trusts in the world. Clint Eastwood, for example, didn't start directing until after retirement age. People are doing extraordinary things and we wanted to showcase that."

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