Retro Video Game Meets Music Video to Promote Philips Headphones

A Digital Campaign by Ogilvy London Lets You Remix A Swiss Lips Track and Create Your Own Music Video

Published On
Aug 28, 2013

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Philips is hoping to appeal to the younger, 18-to-24-year old set with its own brand of listening gear, the Citiscape Headphones -- and a decidedly retro-cool digital campaign that mashes up music video and video game.

Ogilvy London and Unit9 have created "You Need to Hear This," which uses a track called "Carolyn" by Swiss Lips. Users are asked to drive around a car in a totally retro, 16-bit game. Each obstacle they hit, each turn they take, results in the track being remixed. And each road leads to a different outcome. The resulting video becomes the music video for the song. Read more about how it was made in CaT: Creativity and Technology.