Jessie Williams Implores You to Vote in New Save the Day Film

'Grey's Anatomy' Actor Explains Why Apathy Is Dangerous

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Sep 30, 2016

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Grey's Anatomy actor Jessie Williams is the latest celebrity to urge Americans to vote, in the new film from Joss Whedon's Save the Day campaign.

In contrast to the more light-hearted launch ad, the spot, directed by Whedon, is dead serious, as Williams delivers an impassioned speech slamming voter apathy.

He explains why it's not just about the White House, but about "your house" -- "If you're not registered to vote, you can't sit on a jury," he says. You can't choose your mayor. You can't choose your city council. You can't even choose your district attorney. You can't decide which measures will help your family and community, and which will put them at risk."

Earlier this summer, the actor made a powerful speech about equal rights at the BET Awards.