Smoke Alarms Take Human Form in Kiwi Fire Safety Campaign

Ads Remind Us That Alarms' Batteries Are Our Only Voice at Night

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Aug 31, 2015

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Many people around the world now have smoke alarms in their homes, but when it comes to checking the batteries: well how many of us are vigilant about that?

A campaign from New Zealand came up with an interesting idea to remind people to check their alarms are working. It stresses how smoke alarms are our "only voice," in other words our sole warning in the event of a danger at night, by giving them human form.

In this spot, the alarm takes the form of a potato chip-eating flatmate, hovering above a young guy asleep on the couch, at first laid-back then increasingly desperate-sounding as he yells "you muppet" and tells him to get out. In a second spot, a young girl is in bed and the alarm is her father, desperate to awaken her as the fire rages.

The spots were directed by Nic Finalyson at Finch and created by FCB New Zealand. In a statement, executive creative director Tony Clewett said: "80 per cent of New Zealand homes have smoke alarms installed, but more than half of those don't actually work. A tragedy in the making. Our brief was simple: get Kiwis off their butts and up the ladder, making sure their smoke alarms are functioning properly."