This YWCA campaign uses AirDrop to highlight the dangers of sexting

Campaign by Rethink Canada seeks to educate people on sharing intimate images

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Nov 30, 2018

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A campaign by the YWCA in Canada is using the iPhone’s Airdrop feature to educate people about the risks of sharing non-consensual intimate images.

The organization is sending images via AirDrop, initially to a focus group of people in Vancouver, although it hopes to roll out the campaign to college campuses. The user informed via AirDrop that a stranger is sharing an image with them, of a girl dressed in underwear. When the image comes through, a close-up shows her holding a note that says "My photo was shared with someone I trusted, now it's being shared with thousands of strangers like you."

The campaign, by Rethink Canada, aims to raise awareness of the dangers of sexting and educate people on the impact that non-consensual images can have both on survivors and on perpetrators.

“Using AirDrop is a simple way to deliver our message to the right audience in a way that can’t be ignored,” says Morgan Tierney, managing partner and creative director at Rethink Canada. “Disguising the message also shows how easy it is to share non-consensually without thinking of the impacts.”


Nov 30, 2018
Agency :
Rethink - Vancouver
Client :
YWCA Canada
Creative Director :
Ian Grais
Creative Director :
Chris Staples
Creative Director :
Leia Rogers
Creative Director :
Morgan Tierney
Art Director :
Liana Mascagni
Writer :
Jordon Lawson
Director of Amplification :
Darren Yada
Strategist :
Aliz Tennant
Strategist :
Gordon Zhang
Amplification Coordinator :
Samantha Cheng
Account Director :
Carrie Panio
Producer :
David Fraser-Winsby
Producer :
Kerry Bhangu

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