A Croatian Bank Is Storing the Country's Memories for 100 Years in a 'Time Vault'

Zagrebacka Launched Campaign for its Centenary

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Apr 14, 2015

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Zagrebacka Bank, the largest bank in Croatia, launched a campaign for its 100th anniversary that encouraged people to store their memories in a "time vault" for 100 years.

Agency Bruketa & Zinic encouraged people to leave their dearest objects in the vault, located under the main square in Zagreb, via a TV campaign featuring famous Croatians saying what they would leave. People could store their objects digitally or take them physically in person. They would receive a legally binding document in return. Famous moments from Croatian sporting history were also "stored" in the vault, including a bronze

medal from the 1984 Olympics. According to the agency, as a result of the campaign, which ran last summer and was partly aimed at promoting more trust in the bank following the 2008 crash, 22% of non-clients said they wanted to start doing business with the bank while 39% of existing clients said they wanted to expand their business with the bank.


Apr 14, 2015
Zagrebacka Bank
Zagrebacka Bank
Bruketa & Zinic OM

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