Zappos Rewards an Entire Town in Latest Feel-Good Stunt

Retailer Delivered Gifts to Every Doorstep in Hanover, N.H.

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Dec 03, 2015

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Zappos has become something of a specialist in feelgood stunts through agency Mullen Lowe-- for example, with its Thanksgiving baggage claim bonanza from 2013, that handed passengers gifts as they waited for luggage, or this year's Father's Day film in which a group of helpers jumped out of a box to do the chores. But, with many brands now attempting such things, how it could it go one bigger? Answer: reward an entire town.

This holiday season video shows the company setting out in the dead of night to deliver gifts to every household in the pretty college town of Hanover, New Hampshire. (Why Hanover? We're told that customers here are particularly loyal to Zappos.)

The stunt seems to have been something of a military operation, with a crew of more than 30 Zappos employees working through the night to drop off nearly 1,900 boxes at every doorstep in the town. Gifts included headphones, backpacks and warm-weather gear for the impending Northeast winter. Everyone in the video looks pretty pleased with their loot; meanwhile, we're wondering whether Zappos could make this an annual event, to get people in other towns frantically placing orders.


Dec 03, 2015
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