Reebok Pits Subway Commuters Against Each Other With Heart-Pumping Billboards

Waiting for the Train Turns Into a Thrilling Game

Published On
May 01, 2015

Editor's Pick

Waiting for the subway can be such a drag, but Reebok Korea and agency Innored turned standing on the platform into a heart-pumping experience with this super fun out of home ad that pit commuters against each other in a fun, adrenaline-filled game.

Digital billboards turned cameras onto two different riders and then pulled them onto a display in an "A vs. B" scenario. They then challenged them to run back and forth in front of the display pushing Reebok Pump buttons as they lit up. The ad then declared the one with the most pushes the winner and awarded the player a special prize: the billboard opened up to reveal a stash of new Reebok pump shoes, with the winner free to take a pair in his or her size.