Major marketers, agencies, media cos., and non-profits
Notes: Total compensation includes salary, bonus and "all other," a combination of long-term incentives and stock awards, options excercised, and pay listed as “all other” in proxy statements. Percent change for total compensation was listed as "NA" if the change exceeded 500 percent. More footnotes are at the end of this list.
CompanyExec, title, ageTotal 2003 compensation% chg2003 salary2003 bonus2003 all other
AMR Corp.Gerald J. Arpey, Chmn/CEO, 45686,29518.3535,2750151,020
Delta Air LinesLeo F. Mullin, former Chmn/CEO, 611,171,873-75.4639,3130532,560
Southwest AirlinesJames F. Parker, CEO/Vice-chmn, 57793,061-6.8330,773187,000275,288
UAL Corp.Glenn Tilton, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 55777,227-90.5745,749031,478
Gap Inc.Paul Pressler, Pres/CEO, 475,031,685212.51,500,0003,102,198429,487
NikePhilip H. Knight (1), Chmn, former Pres/CEO, 664,225,64346.81,392,3082,278,282555,053
Ford Motor Co.William Clay Ford Jr., Chmn/CEO, 461,677,752NA001,677,752
Ford Motor Co.Nicholas V. Scheele, Pres/COO, 602,177,171-1.41,000,000825,000352,171
General Motors Corp.G. Richard Wagoner Jr., Chmn/CEO, 518,508,572-30.12,200,0002,860,0003,448,572
Beer & spirits
Adolph Coors Co.W. Leo Kiely III, CEO, 571,697,444-44.2800,000281,250616,194
Adolph Coors Co.Peter H. Coors, Chmn, 57851,921-38.7771,00022,75058,171
Anheuser-Busch Cos.August A. Busch III, Chmn, 668,656,232-75.1600,0001,500,0006,556,232
Anheuser-Busch Cos.P.T. Stokes, Pres/CEO, 6111,618,332-35.61,391,2503,500,0006,727,082
DiageoPaul Walsh, CEO, 483,584,89125.61,354,0002,156,85774,034
SABMillerE.A. Graham Mackay, Chief executive, 542,640,26629.01,203,3111,120,393316,562
Candy & gum
Cadbury SchweppesTodd Stitzer, Chief executive, 522,244,07631.1916,38601,327,690
Cadbury SchweppesJohn M. Sunderland, Exec Chmn, 582,301,635-22.81,398,4200903,215
Hershey Foods Corp.Richard H. Lenny, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 523,593,757-9.2950,0001,758,420885,337
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.William Wrigley Jr., Chmn/Pres/CEO, 401,199,102-57.4985,0000214,102
Clorox Co.Gerald E. Johnston, Pres/CEO, 575,695,92858.9900,0001,059,5003,736,428
Reckitt BenckiserBart Becht, Chief executive, 4712,368,57716.61,562,9564,619,7686,185,853
Apple ComputerSteven P. Jobs, CEO/Co-founder, 4974,750,001NA1074,750,000
DellKevin B. Rollins, CEO, 5138,469,295NA797,1151,721,76835,950,412
DellMichael S. Dell, Chmn, 393,008,973-12.4950,0002,052,0006,973
GatewayTheodore W. Waitt, Chmn, 4114,409-9.22,535011,874
Hewlett-Packard Co.Carleton S. Fiorina, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 493,518,460-14.61,241,6672,101,600175,193
IBM Corp.Samuel J. Palmisano, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 527,911,63213.11,550,0005,400,000961,632
Intel Corp.Craig R. Barrett, Pres/CEO, 659,259,100-52.2610,0001,512,1007,137,000
Intel Corp.Paul Otellini, Pres/COO, CEO designate, 5414,848,000NA350,000867,60013,630,400
Microsoft Corp.Steven A. Ballmer, CEO, 48909,5324.4591,667310,0007,865
Microsoft Corp.William H. Gates III, Chmn/Chief software architect, 48903,3824.4591,667310,0001,715
Yahoo Inc.Terry S. Semel, Chmn/CEO, 6026,006,982NA600,000025,406,982
Abbott LaboratoriesMiles D. White, Chmn/CEO, 483,477,331-75.81,564,9611,750,000162,370
AstraZenecaTom McKillop, Chief executive, 603,179,19844.01,427,0001,387,000365,198
AventisIgor Landau, Chmn, 603,171,65966.31,369,59001,802,069
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.Peter R. Dolan, Chmn/CEO, 485,918,500414.91,100,0002,125,0002,693,500
Eli Lilly & Co.Sidney Taurel, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 557,267,280NA1,432,8601,193,5954,640,825
GlaxoSmithKlineJ.P. Garnier, Chief executive, 569,664,678166.41,507,0032,443,1225,714,553
Johnson & JohnsonWilliam C. Weldon, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 556,624,22147.41,266,1541,950,0003,408,067
Merck & Co.Raymond V. Gilmartin, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 632,967,340-0.81,583,3401,375,0009,000
PfizerHenry A. McKinnell, Chmn/CEO, 619,706,002-7.92,042,7004,607,4003,055,902
Schering-Plough Corp.Fred Hassan (2), Chmn/Pres/CEO, 584,896,236NA1,046,15403,850,082
WyethRobert Essner, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 563,751,333-44.61,428,0002,000,000323,333
Allstate Corp.Edward M. Liddy, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5812,080,852191.41,078,7463,883,4887,118,618
American Express Co.Kenneth I. Chenault, Chmn/CEO, 5212,108,097-33.91,000,0003,500,0007,608,097
Ameritrade Holding Corp.Joseph H. Moglia, CEO, 545,021,954-46.9600,0001,143,7503,278,204
Ameritrade Holding Corp.J. Joe Ricketts, Chmn/founder, 621,557,130-6.4650,000892,12515,005
Bank of America Corp.Kenneth D. Lewis, CEO, 5738,088,799107.41,500,0005,375,00031,213,799
Bank of America Corp.James H. Hance, vice chmn/CFO, 5924,420,415100.21,250,0004,125,00019,045,415
Berkshire HathawayWarren E. Buffett, Chmn/CEO, 73308,0004.1100,0000208,000
Cendant Corp.Henry R. Silverman, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 6360,022,866306.83,350,00013,787,52042,885,346
Charles Schwab & Co.Charles R. Schwab, Chmn/CEO/founder, 66900,0000.7900,00000
CitigroupCharles Prince, CEO, 5431,399,702397.5638,6366,965,37523,795,691
CitigroupSanford I. Weill, Chmn, 7054,063,222304.51,000,00029,000,00024,063,222
E Trade Financial Corp.Mitchell H. Caplan, CEO, 467,902,085NA705,3853,750,0003,446,700
MasterCard InternationalRobert W. Selander, Pres/CEO, 539,223,694-6.7800,0001,900,0006,523,694
Morgan StanleyPhilip J. Purcell, Chmn/CEO, 6023,324,053-1.5775,0007,112,50015,436,553
Altria GroupRoger K. Deromedi, CEO, Kraft Foods, 509,259,141234.6924,848900,0007,434,293
Altria GroupLouis C. Camilleri, Chmn/CEO, 4928,087,573NA1,415,3852,750,00023,922,188
Altria GroupBetsy D. Holden, Pres, Kraft Foods, global mktg, category devel, 488,370,469294.9937,933800,0006,632,536
Campbell Soup Co.Douglas R. Conant, Pres/CEO, 524,384,767-1.8950,0001,527,2001,907,567
ConAgra FoodsBruce C. Rohde, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5510,795,27330.51,200,0003,579,9296,015,344
General MillsStephen W. Sanger, Chmn/CEO, 5817,619,569351.4970,6671,319,50015,329,402
H.J. Heinz Co.William R. Johnson, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5514,132,847129.91,050,0002,040,00011,042,847
Kellogg Co.Carlos M. Gutierrez (3), Chmn/Pres/CEO, 509,343,80273.21,004,8081,685,6006,653,394
Sara Lee Corp.C. Steven McMillan, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5710,049,28721.51,164,1672,732,8826,152,238
AdvoGary M. Mulloy, former Chmn/CEO, 581,447,319140.2625,469193,750628,100
CNET NetworksShelby W. Bonnie, Chmn/CEO, 39518,97366.4343,942175,0310
Eastman Kodak Co.Daniel A. Carp, Chmn/Pres/CEO/COO, 553,889,955-49.21,080,7691,909,600899,586
GoogleEric Schmidt, Chmn/CEO, 49554,450NA250,000301,5562,894
GoogleLarry Page, Co-founder/Pres products, 31367,883NA150,000206,55611,327
GoogleSergey Brin, Co-founder/Pres/Technology, 30370,996NA150,000206,55614,440
Hilton Hotels Corp.Stephen F. Bollenbach, Pres/CEO, 6123,552,842NA1,000,0002,000,00020,552,842
Philips ElectronicsG. J. Kleisterlee, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 581,426,24648.31,164,1520262,094
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco HoldingsAndrew J. Schindler, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5910,301,91381.31,076,2501,285,0007,940,663
United Parcel ServiceMichael L. Eskew, Chmn/CEO, 543,044,47855.9863,000351,4001,830,078
Valassis CommunicationsAlan F. Schultz, Pres/CEO, 451,987,640-65.8750,000537,415700,225
Personal care
Colgate-Palmolive Co.Reuben Mark, Chmn/CEO, 65141,396,382NA1,657,0003,393,120136,346,262
Estee Lauder Cos.Fred H. Langhammer, former Pres/CEO, 607,217,450-57.62,000,0003,000,0002,217,450
Estee Lauder Cos.William P. Lauder, Pres/CEO, 442,435,050-25.91,300,0001,125,00010,050
Gillette Co.James M. Kilts, Chmn/CEO/Pres, 564,676,09344.81,275,0002,700,000701,093
Kimberly-Clark Corp.Thomas J. Falk, Chmn/CEO, 452,628,635-60.0987,500840,000801,135
Procter & Gamble Co.A.G. Lafley, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5715,587,10026.61,700,0003,500,00010,387,100
UnileverAntony Burgmans, Co-Chmn, Unilever NV, 572,086,343-28.71,495,136299,027292,180
UnileverNiall FitzGerald (4), former Co-Chmn, Unilever PLC, 592,377,381-48.61,684,596336,691356,094
Darden RestaurantsJoe R. Lee, Chmn/CEO, 635,706,72635.4842,801815,4004,048,525
McDonald's Corp.Charles H. Bell (5), Pres/CEO, 433,456,882252.7837,7361,050,0001,569,146
Wendy's InternationalJohn T. Schuessler, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 533,062,486-28.6934,1921,606,500521,794
Yum BrandsDavid C. Novak, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 518,830,975110.71,000,0001,935,0005,895,975
Albertson'sLawrence R. Johnston, Chmn/CEO/Pres, 558,869,626-27.41,300,0001,950,0005,619,626
Best Buy Co.Richard M. Schulze, Chmn/founder, 6313,554,010NA1,000,000012,554,010
Best Buy Co.Bradbury H. Anderson, Vice Chmn/CEO, 543,175,5581.61,078,5292,090,0786,951
Circuit City StoresW. Alan McCollough, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 543,584,650270.2975,00002,609,650
Dillard'sWilliam Dillard II, CEO, 59896,650-65.2710,0000186,650
Dillard'sAlex Dillard, Pres, 542,200,240101.9620,0001,375,000205,240
Federated Department StoresTerry Lundgren, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 525,127,600155.91,195,6062,493,8001,438,194
Home DepotRobert L. Nardelli, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5522,217,16010.92,000,0004,500,00015,717,160
J.C. Penney Corp.Allen Questrom (6), former Chmn/CEO, 649,145,55526.01,350,0002,025,0005,770,555
Kmart Corp.Julian Day (7), former Pres/CEO, 512,004,446-47.81,000,0001,000,0004,446
Kohl's Corp.R. Lawrence Montgomery, Chmn/CEO, 5530,233,671147.01,014,583029,219,088
Kroger Co.David B. Dillon, CEO, 534,932,341159.3855,446244,9623,831,933
Kroger Co.Joseph A. Pichler, Chmn, 644,726,412-17.51,300,000422,1883,004,224
Limited BrandsLeslie H. Wexner, Chmn/CEO, 665,943,83932.61,554,2312,910,3361,479,272
Lowe's Cos.Robert L. Tillman, Chmn/CEO, 6010,307,415134.51,000,0003,000,0006,307,415
May Department Stores Co.Eugene S. Kahn, Chmn/CEO, 542,316,639-74.11,500,000675,000141,639
Office DepotBruce Nelson, Chmn/CEO, 592,914,810-67.71,000,00001,914,810
SafewaySteven A. Burd, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 5414,041,08017.31,000,000013,041,080
Sears, Roebuck & Co.Alan J. Lacy (8), Chmn/CEO, 504,197,04646.21,016,146897,8132,283,087
Target Corp.Robert J. Ulrich, Chmn/CEO, 6023,065,18620.21,571,9253,300,00018,193,261
Wal-Mart StoresH. Lee Scott Jr., Pres/CEO, 5515,367,572-13.71,192,3084,200,0009,975,264
Soft drinks
Coca-Cola Co.Douglas N. Daft (9), former Chmn/CEO, 616,536,86212.11,500,0004,000,0001,036,862
PepsiCoSteven S. Reinemund, Chmn/CEO, 5517,415,2727.61,000,0003,800,00012,615,272
Alltel Corp.Scott T. Ford, Pres/CEO, 414,478,24716.7850,0001,889,5501,738,697
AT&T Corp.David W. Doorman, Chmn/CEO, 5011,727,38775.01,268,7502,649,0007,809,637
AT&T WirelessJohn D. Zeglis, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 564,354,68153.91,065,6521,840,4701,448,559
BellSouth Corp.F. Duane Ackerman, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 6111,511,400103.91,365,0002,939,0007,207,400
MCIMichael D. Capellas, Pres/CEO, 503,060,400-78.31,500,0001,500,00060,400
Nextel CommunicationsTimothy M. Donahue, Pres/CEO, 5526,331,461NA938,4612,760,00022,633,000
SBC CommunicationsEdward E. Whitacre Jr., Chmn/CEO, 6219,534,87593.32,122,0005,700,00011,712,875
Sprint Corp.Gary D. Forsee, Chmn/CEO, 5316,445,958NA813,4102,532,20613,100,342
Verizon CommunicationsIvan G. Seidenberg, Pres/CEO, 578,641,100-9.21,500,0002,775,0004,366,100
HasbroAlan G. Hassenfeld, Chmn, 553,547,94257.81,003,9711,896,631647,340
HasbroAlfred J. Verrecchia, Pres/CEO, 613,431,51672.4907,8861,996,170527,460
MattelRobert A. Eckert, Chmn/CEO, 4912,845,6408.21,250,000633,99810,961,642
Entravision Communications Corp.Walter F. Ulloa, Chmn/CEO, 55935,41735.1710,417225,0000
General Electric Co.Jeffery R. Immelt, Chmn/CEO, 4811,835,175-23.13,000,0004,325,0004,510,175
Gray TelevisionJ. Mack Robinson, Chmn/CEO, 80636,205178.1350,000250,00036,205
InterActiveCorpBarry Diller, Chmn/CEO, 62156,168,100NA500,0003,250,000152,418,100
News Corp.K. Rupert Murdoch, Chmn/Chief executive, 7320,656,00046.54,509,00012,500,0003,647,000
News Corp.Peter Chernin, Pres/COO, 5318,582,0007.18,296,0008,894,000#VALUE!
Paxson Communications Corp.Lowell W. Paxson, Chmn/CEO, 681,252,32561.0818,565409,28324,477
Sinclair Broadcast GroupDavid D. Smith, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 531,005,462-0.21,000,00005,462
Univision CommunicationsRay Rodriguez, Pres Univision, TeleFutura, Galavision networks, 531,606,00083.1800,000800,0006,000
ViacomSumner Redstone (10), Chmn/CEO, 8019,100,521-5.93,993,00015,000,000107,521
ViacomMel Karmazin, former Pres/COO, 6054,451,868169.63,993,00015,000,00035,458,868
Walt Disney Co.Michael D. Eisner, Chmn/CEO, 617,318,43120.11,000,00006,318,431
Young BroadcastingVincent J. Young, Chmn/CEO, 562,087,105-1.21,153,271927,8346,000
Cable TV
Cablevision Systems Corp.Charles F. Dolan, Chmn, 7711,989,221450.81,600,0004,800,0005,589,221
Cablevision Systems Corp.James L. Dolan, Pres/CEO, 4816,431,179340.91,600,0002,800,00012,031,179
Comcast Corp.Ralph J. Roberts, Chmn, 8440,202,052-13.81,601,0001,600,00037,001,052
Comcast Corp.Brian L. Roberts, Pres/CEO, 4414,251,64143.52,001,0006,000,0006,250,641
Cox CommunicationsJames O. Robbins, Pres/CEO, 615,478,297143.41,200,0001,680,0002,598,297
EchoStar Communications Corp.Charles W. Ergen, Chmn/CEO, 513,031,194-5.4283,84702,747,347
Insight Communications Co.Michael S. Willner, CEO/Co-founder, 512,256,096206.6577,90027,5001,650,696
RCN Corp.David C. McCourt, Chmn/CEO, 472,643,797212.0403,8462,200,00039,951
Time WarnerRichard D. Parsons, Chmn/CEO, 5511,881,965NA1,500,0008,000,0002,381,965
American MediaDavid J. Pecker, Chmn/Pres/CEO/COO, 523,151,832125.01,500,0001,600,00051,832
Gemstar-TV Guide IntlJeff Shell, CEO, 381,152,70142.5782,701350,00020,000
Martha Stewart Living OptimediaSharon L. Patrick (11), former Pres/CEO, 611,654,310-11.2850,746800,0003,564
Martha Stewart Living OptimediaMartha Stewart, Founder/chief creative officer, 621,531,695-35.1900,000500,000131,695
McGraw-Hill Cos.Harold McGraw III, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 553,138,954-75.51,063,0001,002,3721,073,582
Meredith Corp.William T. Kerr, Chmn/CEO, 637,162,615-44.2900,0002,250,0004,012,615
Penton MediaDavid B. Nussbaum, CEO, 46485,260-44.8410,00050,36424,896
Playboy EnterprisesChristie Hefner, Chmn/CEO, 511,436,132106.4600,000465,035371,097
PrimediaKelly P. Conlin, Pres/CEO, 433,658,933NA152,308100,0003,406,625
Reader's Digest Assn.Thomas O. Ryder, Chmn/CEO, 602,552,127-38.7780,000520,4001,251,727
Reed ElsevierCrispin H. Davis, Chief executive, 542,827,10639.91,554,7301,227,89844,478
United Business MediaClive Hollick, Group chief exec, 592,215,167118.21,099,609591,044524,514
VNU N.V.Rob F. van den Bergh, Chmn, 532,012,7921.7750,000654,255608,537
VNU N.V.Michael P. Connors, Chmn/CEO Media Msrmt & Info Grp, 484,254,8717.6636,000554,8093,064,062
Ziff Davis MediaRobert F. Callahan, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 522,100,00029.21,000,0001,000,000100,000
Belo Corp.Robert W. Decherd, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 521,229,112-48.6855,00045,800328,312
Dow Jones & Co.Peter R. Kann, Chmn/CEO, 612,256,22845.0930,000540,000786,228
E.W. Scripps Co.Kenneth W. Lowe, Pres/CEO, 533,125,65536.6925,000804,2321,396,423
Gannett Co.Douglas H. McCorkindale, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 6414,715,0738.81,600,0002,250,00010,865,073
Harte-HanksRichard M. Hochhauser, Pres/CEO, 595,062,785102.7693,750124,6094,244,426
Journal Register Co.Robert M. Jelenic, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 532,627,84769.6950,000300,0001,377,847
Knight-RidderP. Anthony Ridder, Chmn/CEO, 636,151,15060.7972,405455,6374,723,108
Lee EnterprisesMary E. Junck, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 563,586,60038.7700,000950,0001,936,600
McClatchy NewspapersGary B. Pruitt, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 461,827,058-67.7900,000825,000102,058
Media GeneralJ. Stewart Bryan III, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 657,302,594138.1875,000427,3026,000,292
New York Times Co.Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., Chmn/Publisher New York Times, 521,754,481-77.0995,000743,26516,216
New York Times Co.Russell T. Lewis, Pres/CEO, 561,775,743-72.1995,000743,26537,478
Pulitzer Co.Robert C. Woodworth, Pres/CEO, 563,544,16246.8738,288653,1812,152,693
Tribune Co.John W. Madigan, former Chmn, 667,278,414-13.9865,3852,000,0004,413,029
Tribune Co.Dennis J. FitzSimons, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 534,435,55819.7850,0001,200,0002,385,558
Washington Post Co.Donald E. Graham, Chmn/CEO, 58810,65829.3400,0000410,658
Citadel Broadcasting Corp.Farid Suleman, Chmn/CEO, 521,000,138-44.11,000,0000138
Clear Channel CommunicationsL. Lowry Mays, Chmn/CEO, 682,933,338-4.91,012,8381,000,000920,500
Cumulus MediaLewis W. Dickey Jr., Chmn/Pres/CEO, 42878,2469.8577,496288,75012,000
Emmis CommunicationsJeffrey H. Smulyan, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 575,436,726196.4640,105822,2463,974,375
Entercom Communications Corp.Joseph M. Field, Chmn, 72505,145-91.9505,14500
Entercom Communications Corp.David J. Field, Pres/CEO, 411,381,838-70.9656,688500,000225,150
Radio OneAlfred C. Liggins III, Pres/CEO, 39529,000-11.7399,000130,0000
Westwood OneNorman J. Pattiz, Chmn, 616,037,040NA492,00005,545,040
Ad agencies
AegisDouglas Flynn, CEO, 542,453,01744.3967,387967,387518,243
AegisDavid Verklin, CEO, Carat North America, 471,158,23232.7666,313269,816222,103
AlloyMatthew C. Diamond, Chmn/CEO/Treasurer, 351,226,232236.2400,0000826,232
AnswerThinkTed A. Fernandez, Chmn/CEO, 472,817,195463.4495,192250,0002,072,003
aQuantiveBrian P. McAndrews, Pres/CEO, 45803,180-10.7333,060120,000350,120
Cossette Communication GroupPeter Post, CEO/Cossette Post320,0006.7320,00000
Cossette Communication GroupClaude Lessard, Chmn/CEO, 55474,266-13.2318,563142,21613,487
DigitasDavid W. Kenny, Chmn/CEO, 422,940,915241.5562,500367,0002,011,415
Equity MarketingDonald A. Kurz, Chmn/CEO, 48980,67475.6500,000100,000380,674
Grey Global GroupEdward H. Meyer (12), Chmn/Pres/CEO, 773,750,000-21.33,300,000450,0000
HavasAlain de Pouzilhac, Chmn/CEO, 581,203,467-36.51,141,300062,167
HavasEd Eskandarian, Chmn/CEO Arnold Worldwide Partners, 67824,5574.6756,9290#VALUE!
HavasBob Schmetterer, former Pres/COO Havas, 602,345,0413.1958,75601,386,285
Incepta GroupRichard Nichols, CEO, 37519,59726.5452,435067,162
Interpublic Group of Cos.John J. Dooner Jr., Chmn/CEO, McCann Erickson WorldGroup, 552,155,933-68.41,250,000750,000155,933
Interpublic Group of Cos.Bruce S. Nelson, Exec VP/CMO, 521,009,0481.1600,000400,0009,048
Interpublic Group of Cos.David A. Bell (13), Pres/CEO, 602,389,40354.01,000,0001,300,00089,403
MDC PartnersMiles S. Nadal, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 466,310,428213.5480,24805,830,180
Modem MediaMarc C. Particelli, former Pres/CEO, 59558,924-9.1500,00039,28419,640
Monster WorldwideAndrew J. McKelvey, Chmn/CEO/founder, 691,404,000NA200,0001,200,0004,000
Omnicom GroupAllen Rosenshine, Chmn/CEO BBDO Worldwide, 6612,381,55274.2985,000500,00010,896,552
Omnicom GroupThomas L. Harrison, Chmn/CEO Diversified Agency Services, 561,682,08792.9881,000750,00051,087
Omnicom GroupKenneth R. Kaess Jr., Pres/CEO DDB Worldwide, 492,643,841NA806,000525,0001,312,841
Omnicom GroupJohn D. Wren, Pres/CEO, Omnicom, 513,354,602280.81,000,0001,100,0001,254,602
Publicis GroupeMaurice Levy, Chmn/CEO Publicis Groupe, 622,501,89950.4913,06001,588,839
Publicis GroupeKevin Roberts, Dir Publicis/Pres/CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, 553,215,63448.61,037,92202,177,712
Publicis GroupeRober A. Haupt, Pres/COO, 571,938,902219.6978,4440960,458
SPAR GroupRobert G. Brown, Chmn/Pres/CEO, 61182,2009.5180,00002,200
WPP GroupHoward Paster, Chmn/CEO, Hill & Knowlton, 1,380,10551.2700,00059,000621,105
WPP GroupIrwin Gotlieb, Chmn/CEO, MindShare, 541,715,00015.6750,000536,000429,000
WPP GroupShelly Lazarus, Chmn/CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, 572,942,000-22.4850,000906,0001,186,000
WPP GroupMartin S. Sorrell, Grp chief executive, WPP Group, 593,147,00074.61,374,00001,773,000
WPP GroupPeter A. Schweitzer, Pres/CEO J. Walter Thompson Co., 641,482,000-5.5750,000180,000552,000
Not-for-profit Note: Salaries for executives at not-for-profit organizations are taken from the most recently available form from the IRS, and may not reflect 2003 compensation.
Advertising CouncilPeggy Conlon, Pres/CEO, 53464,30711.6346,5880117,719
Advertising Research FoundationJames Spaeth (14), former Pres/CEO, 55315,050NA297,513017,537
American Advertising FederationWallace S. Snyder, Pres, 63266,307-6.0266,30700
American Association of Advertising AgenciesO. Burtch Drake, Pres, 64566,559-12.8528,269038,290
American Business MediaGordon T. Hughes, Pres, 64410,3214.6363,175047,146
American Legacy FoundationCheryl Healton, Pres/CEO, 51436,86912.9298,2490138,620
American Marketing AssociationDennis Dunlap, CEO, 61306,9195.1306,91900
Association of American PublishersPatricia S. Schroeder, Pres, 64431,3112.1412,000019,311
Association of National AdvertisersRobert D. Liodice (15), Pres/CEO, 49336,96426.5309,395027,569
Audit Bureau of CirculationsMichael J. Lowery, Pres/Mg Dir, 54535,0677.8513,523021,544
Business Marketing AssociationRichard Kean, Exec Dir99,9990.099,99900
Cable & Telecoms. Assn. for MarketingChar A. Beales, Pres/CEO652,86813.8619,868033,000
Cellular Telecommunications & Internet AssociationThomas E. Wheeler (16), former Pres, 572,104,994NA2,060,058044,936
Council of Better Business BureausKenneth J. Hunter, Pres/CEO, 60264,42328.0245,417019,006
Council of Better Business BureausRonald P. Berry, Sr VP186,835NA162,800024,035
Direct Marketing AssociationH. Robert Wientzen, Pres, 66718,000-0.3585,0000133,000
Food Marketing InstituteTimothy Hammonds, Pres, 59903,585NA587,7000315,885
Interactive Advertising BureauGreg Stuart, pres/CEO270,000NA270,00000
International Advertising Assn.Walter O'Brien (17), former Genl dir, 6561,055-71.058,00003,055
International Comms. IndustriesRandal Lemke, Exec dir179,582-19.0166,280013,302
Magazine Publishers of AmericaNina Link, Pres/CEO, 49553,532-2.9551,71401,818
National Assn. of BroadcastersEdward O. Fritts, Pres/CEO, 631,217,95018.4995,0000222,950
National Association of TV Program Executives (NATPE)Bruce Johansen (18), former Pres/CEO, 63641,1300.8600,871040,259
Outdoor Advertising Association of AmericaNancy J. Fletcher, Pres, 50510,0006.5510,00000
Partnership for a Drug-Free AmericaStephen Pasierb, Pres/CEO, 41263,275NA233,000030,275
Point of Purchase Advertising InstituteRichard Blatt, Exec dir, 53249,814NA238,732011,082
PostcomGene Del Polito, Pres, 58258,8002.8234,500024,300
Radio Advertising BureauGary Fries, Pres/CEO, 64514,710NA504,000010,710
Television Bureau of AdvertisingChristopher J. Rohrs, Pres, 55649,3506.5647,24802,102

Notes: Total compensation includes salary, bonus and "all other," a combination of long-term incentives and stock awards, options excercised, and pay listed as “all other” in proxy statements. Percent change for total compensation was listed as "NA" if the change exceeded 500 percent.
1. Nike Chairman Philip Knight in November 2004 handed the post of president-CEO to William D. Perez, current SC Johnson CEO.
2. Ray Gilmartin gets at least $8.9 million should he be dismissed, or resign for "good reason," if Merck is taken over or a suitor amasses 20% of its stock; 229 others also got golden parachutes in November, aimed at retaining top execs and serving as a poison pill.
3. Kellogg in November named board member James Jenness, 58, chairman-CEO, to succeed Carlos Gutierrez, who was nominated for U.S. Secretary of Commerce.
4. Niall FitzGerald stepped down Sept. 30, 2004, as Unilever's co-chairman and was succeeded by Patrick Cescau, head of Unilever's foods division.
5. Charles Bell turned over his CEO post to Vice Chairman Jim Skinner in November, eight months after he gained the post following the sudden death of Chairman-CEO Jim Cantalupo. Mr. Bell is devoting his energies to recover from cancer. His 2003 compensation is for president-COO.
6. Allen Questrom, who just retired, was replaced on Dec. 1 as chairman-CEO by Myron E. Ullman III, 57, most recently with LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. He was R.H. Macy & Co.'s chairman-CEO from 1992 to 1995.
7. Julian Day was replaced as president-CEO in October 2004 by Aylwin B. Lewis, former president-chief multibranding and operating officer at Yum Brands. Mr. Lewis is to become president of Sears Holdings Corp. (and CEO of Kmart and Sears Retail) in the proposed merger of Sears, Roebuck & Co. and Kmart Corp.
8. Alan J. Lacy is to become vice chairman-CEO of Sears Holdings where his pay will include $1.5 million in salary, an incentive-driven bonus and stock options.
9. Chairman-CEO Douglas N. Daft planned to retire the end of 2004 , but left earlier than planned in June when Coca-Cola Co. installed his successor, E. Neville Isdell, 60, as chairman-CEO. Steven J. Heyer, 52, president-COO, passed over as successor to Mr. Daft, left the company.
10. Sumner Redstone is Viacom's largest shareholder, claiming 70.8% of Class A common and 6.5% of Class B common, but former President-COO Mel Karmazin drew more pay ($54.5 million) in 2003. Mr. Karmazin left Viacom in May 2004 and was named CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio in November.
11. Sharon Patrick resigned last month as president-CEO of Martha Stewart Omnimedia and was replaced by Susan Lyne, a board member the past six months.
12. Edward Meyer, who controls 43.5% of voting power at Grey Global, agreed to sell Grey Global to WPP Group in September 2004. If the deal goes through, WPP will pay him a salary of $1 million and give him a seat on the board. He also will qualify for as much as $3 million in stock options, bonuses and incentive pay.
13. David Bell was appointed chairman, president-CEO of Interpublic in February 2003, replacing John J. Dooner Jr. Mr. Bell ceded his chairman title to board member Michael I. Roth, 58, at mid-year 2004.
14. Jim Spaeth left the Advertising Research Foundation in July and was replaced by Robert L. Barocci, formerly of New School University in New York.
15. Robert Liodice replaced John Sarsen as president-CEO of the ANA in July 2003 following Mr. Sarsen's retirement. Mr. Liodice's prior-year pay is for his post as ANA executive VP.
16. Thomas E. Wheeler retired in 2003 as president-CEO of CTIA and was replaced in November of that year by former Congressman Steve Largent.
17. Walter J. O’Brien stepped down as CEO of IAA the end of 2002 due to illness, and Frank Cutitta, 51, was named his successor in October 2003. Mr. Cutitta was previously senior VP at International Data Group in Framingham, Mass.
18. Bruce Johansen left NATPE at midyear and was replaced by Rick Feldman, most recently exec VP-COO at USA Networks' division, USA Broadcasting.