Digital Family Trees 2009

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This database was created March 30, 2009.
See the more recent edition: Digital Family Trees 2010, published Feb. 22, 2010.
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Key digital properties and services of five major U.S. media companies.

NBC Universal

U.S. unique visitors: 78.3 million

  • U.S. media company rank ('07)6
    Worldwide revenue ('08)$16.97B
    U.S. estimated media revenue ('07)$12.16B
    U.S. unique visitors from comScore Media Metrix for January 2009. NBC Universal properties aggregated using comScore Audience Duplication Measurement.

CBS Corp.

News Corp.

Time Warner

Walt Disney Co.

Key worldwide digital properties of the top six agency holding companies. (See story)


Digital share of '08 revenue: 14%

  • Holding company worldwide revenue rank7
    Worldwide revenue ('08)$2.36B
    Digital revenue ('08)$330M
    Havas said its digital business accounted for 14% of 2008 worldwide revenue, up from 11% in 2007 and 9% in 2006.

Aegis Group


Interpublic Group of Cos.

Omnicom Group

Publicis Groupe


About the Digital Family Trees 2009
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Ad Age DataCenter asked media, portal/search and agency companies to list digital properties and services. Companies may have digitally focused properties and services not shown. Numbers rounded. Media section excludes two more narrowly focused media players: Comcast Corp. (cable; No. 2 U.S. media firm) and DirecTV Group (satellite; No. 5). U.S. unique visitors from comScore Media Metrix for January 2009. Unique visitors are rollups by parent company and not comScore defined web properties for Time Warner, Walt Disney Co., News Corp. and NBC Universal. U.S. media revenue figures are Ad Age DataCenter estimates. Worldwide revenue for portals includes traffic acquisition costs for Google and Yahoo. For agency companies, digital share of revenue is worldwide. Some agency networks, such as Saatchi & Saatchi, handle digital work as part of their integrated offering.

Sources: Companies; comScore; Ad Age DataCenter estimates and analysis.