Digital Family Trees 2011

Key digital properties and services of eleven major U.S. media companies.

Comcast Corp. [This record free to all users]

U.S. unique visitors: 74.7 million. Average minutes per visitor: 42.9

  • U.S. media company rank in 20091
    Worldwide revenue (including NBCU)* in 2010$54.838B
    Worldwide revenue (including NBCU)* in 2009$51.192B
    U.S. estimated media revenue (including NBCU) in 2009$43.844B
    *Worldwide revenue figures shown for 2010 and 2009 are unofficial pro forma calculations equaling sum of stated worldwide revenue of Comcast Corp. and of NBC Universal. Comcast was set to release official 2010 pro forma results on May 4, 2011.

    Unduplicated total U.S. visitors and unduplicated average minutes per visitor from ComScore Media Metrix for Comcast Corp. including NBC Universal for December 2010. Revenue in $ billion. U.S. estimated media revenue is sum of Comcast Corp.'s 2009 estimated U.S. media revenue and NBC Universal's 2009 estimated U.S. media revenue from Ad Age's 100 Leading Media Companies 2010 report.

    Comcast in January 2011 acquired a 51% controlling stake in NBC Universal from General Electric Co., completing a joint-venture deal that Comcast and GE had announced in December 2009. GE retained 49% of NBC Universal.


CBS Corp.



Microsoft Corp.

News Corp.

Time Warner


Walt Disney Co.


Key worldwide digital properties of the top six agency holding companies.

Aegis Group [This record free to all users]

Headquarters: London. Website:

  • Agency company worldwide revenue rank in 20106
    Worldwide revenue in 2009$2.109B
    Worldwide revenue in $ billion. Agency company worldwide revenue rank for Aegis vs. Havas based on revenue for first six months of 2010. Aegis Group is the parent of Aegis Media and Synovate. Aegis Media operates a group of media-centric diversified marketing-services companies. Synovate is a global market-research firm.



Interpublic Group of Cos.

Omnicom Group

Publicis Groupe


Data on digital marketing, media, agencies and more

A. Ad spending: Marketers will spend $28.5B online in 2011 [This record free to all users]

U.S. online advertising forecast by format

  • FORMAT200920102011201220132014
    Banner ads5.065.886.567.407.928.63
    Rich media1.511.571.601.631.621.58
    Lead generation1.451.
    Source: Ad forecasts from eMarketer. Dollars in billions. EMarketer benchmarks its U.S. online advertising spending projections against Interactive Advertising Bureau/PricewaterhouseCoopers data. Search ads include paid listings, contextual text links and paid inclusion. Video includes in-stream, in-banner, in-text. Lead generation includes referrals. Email includes embedded ads only; excludes mobile ad spending.

B. Internet ad spending

C. Searches: 95% are branded Google, Yahoo or Microsoft/Bing

D. Worldwide search engine market share

E. Connectedness

F. Device ownership: E-readers and tablets are a hit with younger boomers

G. Mobile: 27% of U.S. cellphone users have a smartphone

H. Mobile: Active mobile internet audience in the U.S.

I. Mobile: Global brand share

J. Tablets: 82 million Americans will be using tablets by 2015

K. Apple iPhone and iPad applications

L. E-readers: E-book sales are forecast to reach $2.8 billion by 2015

M. Retail: 67% of U.S. online users will buy something online in 2011

N. Social nets: Facebook claims more than 500M users1 worldwide

O. Blogs: AOL in 2011 agreed to buy Huffington Post for $315 million

P. Video: YouTube users streamed 8.5B videos in January

Q. Games

R. Jobs: U.S. employment at internet media companies and web search portals

S. Penetration: China will add 80 million internet users in 2011

T. Ad networks