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Data-driven marketing may be the most popular phrase in the advertising space. Whatever we call it, today’s sophisticated marketing requires more information and tools than ever before. The Ad Age Data Conference explores the latest and most-effective ways marketers can use data, whether it be their own CRM data, social media data, or anything in between. Understand what the data can tell you and how. See how marketers are using this knowledge to inform successful omnichannel campaigns and how creatives leverage data to enhance their understanding of audience and expectation. Be there on October 8 to identify fundamental shifts in the industry and get the proper context, insights and analysis to help you do your job better.

This event covers:

  • New types of data: Location data, in-store/retail/loyalty data, social data. How do they work together? What kinds of signals can they send to marketers?
  • Case studies that examine successful outcomes from using data
  • How data affects the CMO’s role within the organization
  • How consumer data impacts and influences businesses beyond the marketing
  • Structuring for data success: How are businesses organized to take advantage of data? We’ll go inside some smart marketers to uncover how they’re set up for this.
  • Agencies & data: How are agencies evolving to be useful to clients when it comes to aggregating, deciphering, sorting and taking advantage of big data?

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