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Buying Via Programmatic Direct Gains Fans

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Programmatic direct seems poised to be used more 2017 thanks to renewed interest by agencies and publishers.

Google reports the number of video ad impressions served monthly through programmatic direct on its platforms have doubled from January 2016 through September 2016. The number of programmatic direct deals by retail advertisers executed on its DoubleClick Ad Exchange grew 2.8 times from the fourth quarter of 2014 to the fourth quarter of 2015. Although 2016 has yet to close, executives at Google expect to see a year-over-year increase of 150% to 200% for the same time this year.

Programmatic direct isn't a new thing. Digital media buyers often want to secure ad inventory, especially video, on premium websites ahead of time, and at a decent price on ads. They also often want to make sure they've got the right placements for a campaign they're planning. Buying through programmatic ad tech often makes it easier to find and assemble certain consumer targets across publishers rather than buying with one publisher at a time. Also, ad blocking, fraud and the risk of appearing on a fake-news site are nonexistent or less prevalent in programmatic direct deals

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