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A Film That Showcases the True Spirit of a Surf Company

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A new film produced by South African surf brand, Mami Wata, is getting kudos for presenting a spiritual take on the surfing life.

In fact, the company's name, Mami Wata, is West African pidgin English for "Mama Water," or "Mother Ocean," a water goddess resembling a mermaid who takes lovers who then return to their lives on land with a new spirit.

Credit: Mami Wata

The film, "Woza," tells the story of a young South African surfer taken by the power of the waves. As the noise and chaos of city life cloud his mind -- people dancing in clubs and kids giving shade -- he finds peace in the water, while he's riding a wave or biding time until the next swell comes along.

The film doesn't interject the typical surf porn of fearsome, powerful waves. It's almost like those take a back burner to the spiritual tale. The surfer wonders why he's fallen under the ocean's spell, and a woman's voice-over responds, recounting an African legend about the waters' spiritual powers and how they can change you "in strange ways."

The film was created in-house out of Mami Wata, which was founded by a trio of creatively-inclined friends who also happened to be passionate surfers. The company has been two years in the making, first thought up as the friends stood on the shores of Cape Town's Kommetjie beach in April 2015. As with the products, the marketing has prioritized quality. The company has focused heavily on its Instagram feed, created a film series, "An African Surfing Life," profiling African surfers and has crafted brand fiction published in a South African magazine.

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