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A Retooled Website Includes Its Own Branded Content Section

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JPMorgan Chase retooled its website this summer to create a more cohesive experience across its digital channels. The new look mimics the Chase Mobile app, highlighting evocative lifestyle images rather than product shots and employs responsive design, which adapts to the size of the window.


The approach aims to create the same experience for users across desktop, mobile and tablet. There are number of other changes throughout the site that add a personal touch. The new homepage includes a branded content section called "News & Stories," which features discussions about financial health, small business advice and neighborhood stories as well as ads for products like Apple Pay, which are labeled as promotions. The content aims to bring aspects of Chase's bank branches, like a sense of community and personal advice from bankers, to the digital experience.

Chase began experimenting with branded content last year in an effort to build deeper relationships with consumers by offering them financial advice. It added a "New & Stories" tab to the old homepage in November and found that users who visited the page stayed on the website three times longer than those who didn't. Since then, the company has expanded its content strategy to include lifestyle stories and other relevant coverage.

The bank hopes to attract more visitors to its growing archive of stories by showcasing it on the homepage and other areas throughout the site, as well as on its social channels.

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