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A Short Film Set in Paris Delivers a Soft Sell

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Marriott International upped its branded content game when David Beebe joined as VP-global and creative content. He set the brand on a path to create great travel stories to engage an audience, including financing a short web series and films such as "The Two Bellmen" and "French Kiss."


"French Kiss" was created to drive revenue. The effort booked $500,000 worth of rooms in just 60 days. The film was set at the company's Paris hotel, and consumers could book a trip that included meeting the general manager and enjoy champagne, chocolate, the room, the rate and a private tour.

"The Two Bellmen" series featured scenes from Los Angeles, Dubai and Seoul, showcasing the brand with an entertaining story before the sales message.

Beebe and his team wanted Marriott to become the largest producer of travel lifestyle content, and so they worked to set up an in-house content studio, focusing first on short films and premium storytelling.

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