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Marketers Creating More and More Content, But How Effective Are Those Messages?

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Marketers have dramatically increased the content they churned out in the past year, but people aren't paying any more attention to it, according to an analysis of $16 billion in client spending by a marketing analytics and software firm.

A report from the firm, Beckon, released during an Advertising Week presentation, found that clients tripled the pieces of marketing content they churned out in the past 12 months. Yet aggregate consumer engagement -- such things as likes, comments, and shares -- with that content remained flat. Just 5% of content generated 90% of consumer interactions, according to the report.

Content was defined as video and images circulated both in paid and unpaid media. Data was gathered from Beckon clients, including Coca-Cola Co., Gap, Microsoft, HP, Stubhub, Reebok, Converse and NBC Universal.

Some brands have as their primary key performance indicator (KPI) on content to simply to generate more of it -- and the numbers indicate they've succeeded, at least at that. Those brands may be falsely leading themselves to believe increased content is having increased impact by simply measuring "total brand mentions" in social media, without differentiating brand-initiated mentions and consumer-initiated mentions.

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