BtoB Marketers: Are You Mobile Yet?

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Leads, leads, leads: the drumbeat driving BtoB marketers. But like an ill-fated rock band, the drummer is often the problem. Only 13% of business believe their lead generation is very successful, according to the Lead Generation Benchmark Report.

One reason is the lack of mobile expertise; 40% of BtoB buyers use their phone in the business purchasing process according to Google, but data from MarketingProfs shows that only 3% of the BtoB digital marketing budget is allocated to mobile digital marketing.

BtoB buyers are not some other variation of consumer that are not using mobile however. So, companies not investing in mobile for their BtoB outreach are missing out on another source of leads.

If you are looking to create a mobile BtoB strategy, and want a partner to help you do that, turn to Lookbook.

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