Forrester Analyst: Key Trends B-to-B Marketers Need to Know

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Laura Ramos, VP-principal analyst at Forrester Research, is on top of business-to-business marketing. In her work at Forrester, she conducts research on b-to-b marketing topics and consults Forrester's CMO clients on planning and developing b-to-b marketing programs across traditional and online media.

Laura Ramos
Laura Ramos

In an interview at the recent BMA15, the annual conference of the Business Marketing Association, Ms. Ramos shared her views on three leading trends in b-to-b marketing.

Digital: "Digital really means two things: What does my online customer experience look like, and what does my marketing mix look like between digital and traditional?" Ms. Ramos says. "In b-to-b, the top thing companies still spend money on is physical, in-person events, and the next three--with very little difference in percentages--are website, content marketing and digital marketing."

Big Data: Ms. Ramos says this is important as b-to-b marketers look at "the whole area of how do I use my data to create insight so that I can make better decisions about how not only to run marketing but how to treat our customers, because we know them better."

Customer experience: "From a b-to-b perspective, I think the focus is starting to--and needs to--shift further to what happens to customers after the deal closes," she says. "Marketing is becoming more responsible for and more of a steward for the customer's entire lifetime."

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