IBM Looks to Strengthen the CIO and CMO Connection

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IBM is going after the CJD -- "common Joe developer" in an effort to strengthen communication between the CIO and the CMO.

The company's first chief digital officer, Bob Lord, who worked at both AOL and Razorfish, launched the new initiative after realizing that developers are now the ones that have the ear of CMOs and chief information officers, an audience that IBM wants to capture for its business services.

Those same developers are mostly unaware of IBM's offerings, instead using products from competitors such as Amazon or Salesforce. To help facilitate the conversation, IBM debuted Think Marketing, a content news site of sorts that took some cues from the Huffington Post.

On the back end, Think Marketing will be powered by Watson, matching news with education pieces focused on software-as-a-service products. Watson will make recommendations based on what a person is reading; someone who reads an article on Pokemon Go, for example, may later read stories about how IBM is helping the video game industry in fields like big data or analytics.

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