Multicultural A-List Agency Is Mainstream Success

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Miami-based shop The Community, with its focus on multicultural consumers, wants to help its clients avoid building brands for a world that doesn't exist anymore. That's part of why it was chosen as this year's Ad Age's Multicultural A-List Agency.

The agency's best spots for Constellation Brands' Corona Extra and Modelo Especial are now destined for the general market, testament to demand created by The Community. The brewer is having trouble keeping up with demand for both products (which also have other agencies), and plans to pour $1.5 billion into building another Mexican brewery to handle those brands' double-digit U.S. growth.

In The Community's poetic "Dear Summer" campaign in both Spanish and English versions, winter writes a letter to summer, enviously extolling all that people love about the latter, ending with a request to hang out: "You bring the beer, I'll bring the ice."

In 2015, the agency worked on its relationship with general-market search consultants, and was recently the only multicultural agency invited to an insurance company pitch. With headcount up 15% last year and slated to grow 20% in the first half of 2016, The Community is also hiring more general market talent to help support the growing amount of total market work the agency is doing.

Revenue at The Community grew 22% in 2015, with three major new-business wins, from Verizon, Kroger and BMW, drawn in part by the shop's core focus on bicultural Hispanic millennials. One of its Verizon assignments is promoting Go90, a new internet TV service aimed at millennials.

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