Why the 'Selfie Spoon' is a sign of a great creative agency

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Advertising today is so much more than a great 30-second TV ad. When you are looking for a creative agency, you want to find one that goes above and beyond. Take, for example, what McCann did for General Mills' Cinnamon Toast Crunch. With selfie sticks so ubiquitous now, the agency created a "Selfie Spoon" for Instagramming pictures of eating cereal.

While it might sound like a joke, the product was genuinely created as part of a campaign. According to James Dawson Hollis, McCann Global ECD, in a statement: "This was nearly a six-month process of prototypes, adjustments and customization."

The Selfie Spoon, which is available for a limited time, extends up to 30 inches, has a remote and a spoon on one end. The company is releasing 100 spoons per day (spoons are free, but there is a charge for shipping and handling). One day last month, the product sold out within two hours -- so there's clearly an appetite for cereal selfies.

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