Data-Onboarding Business, Now Named Connectivity, is Growing

By Ad Age Staff Published on .

Whether it's called "data on-boarding" or "connectivity," Acxiom-owned LiveRamp is doing a lot more of it than a year ago.

The company currently "on-boards" or connects 20 billion consumer records representing individuals or households each month, or around 240 billion per year. That's a big leap from the 3 billion customer records it brought to the web in March 2014, up from 1.3 billion in March 2013.

Those records contain consumer data generated offline, such as information from auto leads, retail transactions or banking relationships. The digitized data is used by companies who want to communicate with their current customers via email or targeted digital ads, optimize website pages or measure the impact of digital ad campaigns on offline sales.

More than 200 marketing-technology platforms are integrated with the LiveRamp system -- part of Acxiom's newly-named Connectivity division -- meaning the data can be plugged into all sorts of ad targeting, email marketing, site optimization and campaign analysis tools.

This is just one example of how agencies and other companies are getting smarter about marketing data. If you need help figuring out your own data strategy, turn to LookBook.

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