Marketers Want to Harness Tech, But Many Lack the Skills

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A recent survey found that many marketers lack the tools and know-how to take advantage of technology that can improve their branding and messages to consumers.

According to eMarketer, citing data from an Accenture Interactive and Forrester Consulting report (Forrester Consulting, "Expectations vs. Experience: The Good, the Bad, the Opportunity," commissioned by Accenture Interactive, June 22, 2016), many marketers lack the skills necessary to implement customer experience strategies.

Data analytics and personalization could help many marketers target audiences more efficiently and effectively. However, the marketers surveyed cited a lack of skills necessary to implement these customer experience strategies.

Here are the top five actions the report found that marketers undertake to try and improve customer experience:

  • Developing/Improving Digital Experiences: 60%
  • Developing/Improving Traditional Channels: 48%
  • Improving Analytic Capabilities to Improve Customer Insights: 47%
  • Efforts to Create More Valuable Content for Customers: 46%
  • Integrating Cross-Channel Customer Experiences: 45%

Fewer than half of the marketers in the survey said they were able to mobilize employees as advocates, create a dedicated user/customer experience group, implement personalization through recommendation enginges, use communities or other social computing, or create "smart" or digitally aware connected products or services.

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