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AT&T Shifts Digital Video Focus to Mobile

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This year, the talk around digital video is centered on how to make it mobile. AT&T announced it will prioritize mobile video with the launch of Hello Lab.

A yearlong project of AT&T and digital production company Fullscreen, Hello Lab features 10 digital and social influencers creating a video series as well as podcasts, concerts, meetups and giveaways. The influencers will create the content using their phones as mobile production studios.

Fullscreen, a digital video company that manages a network of thousands of social and digital creators' channels on Snapchat, YouTube and other platforms, has been working with AT&T since 2012. For marketers, companies like Fullscreen offer a stable of content-makers with massive built-in audiences of younger people that are not reached the same way their older counterparts are, like through traditional TV advertising.

The first project from AT&T and Fullscreen was "@SummerBreak," an unscripted, YouTube-based series now prepping for its fourth season that has racked up 150 million views. Another project, "SnapperHero," a scripted superhero series on SnapChat begun last summer, 186,000 followers in its first 10 weeks, AT&T said. The first Hello Lab series, which will start this month, is "Dare to Travel," a fan-driven travel show where the audience participates by offering suggestions. Starting this week, the show's hosts will use social media to seek recommendations on things to do in the cities they visit. They'll also post challenges on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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