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YouTube Adjusts to Changing Video Market

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Digital video is a fast-changing arena. YouTube, under CEO Susan Wojcicki who has empowered its engineers, is steadily rolling out products, updating existing platforms and making it easier to connect videos with audiences -- and the advertisers that follow.

Amid the rise of video competitors including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Vessel and Twitch, YouTube engineers have added support not just for vertical but also 360-degree video, created apps dedicated to popular categories like gaming and overhauled the company's primary mobile app to make it easier for people to find videos they want to watch. To the potential chagrin of advertisers, they are also developing an ad-free service for people who would rather pay than contend with pre-roll and overlays.

However, YouTube is also doing things to increase the amount of time people spend watching ads. Earlier this year, YouTube updated its skippable TrueView video ads to carry interactive cards that people can click on to find information like product details or store locations. YouTube and a gaming brand have even been discussing whether to run an interactive game preview within one of the TrueView cards.

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