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YouTube to Focus on Three Data Points

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Digital video measurement can be confusing, but YouTube wants to simplify by telling marketers to focus on three data points: Unique reach, watch time and audibility.


The changes come as the ad industry tries to get a better account of digital ads and the media supply chain. Brands want to know when their campaigns run as planned across all digital properties, and get accurate measurements.

All the major platforms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have pushed to give more options for marketers to verify the quality of their ad runs. But that also has led to metrics overload and confusion among advertisers that are swimming in stats.

YouTube is emphasizing unique reach, as in the number of individuals who saw an ad; watch time, which shows how many seconds are spent with an ad in total and on average; and audibility, or how often it plays with sound.

The new metrics in the YouTube reporting had been available to brands that use third parties and other measurement techniques, but now they come standard in the analytics dashboard.

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