Brands are Embracing Emojis in Marketing

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Emojis are becoming a way for brands to insert their images into consumer conversations.

Dove's "Love Your Curls" emojis, which come in a separate keyboard app users must download, won praise from people with wavy hair who wanted to represent themselves in their messages. Taco Bell's petition for a taco emoji got more than 32,000 signatures. Unicode added a taco in 2015, but the consortium said petitions played no part in its selection. Eggo wanted waffle emojis, so it cooked up an Eggojis keyboard.

Curly Hair emoji
Curly Hair emoji Dove

Snaps, which developed the Dove keyboard for Unilever, said it was one of its most successful campaigns, with more than 928,000 downloads. Users shared an average of fewer than six pieces of Dove content, exceeding the Snaps network average of four.

Toyota decided to fill an emoji void last fall with its Fanmoji keyboard, and began with football. The keyboard and app go beyond standard sports emojis to include images such as a crying fan, a happy fan , sacks, touchdowns and interceptions. Toyota has since added Nascar and basketball, and plans to add other sports including baseball, soccer and hockey. The vast majority of the Fanmoji images have no Toyota tie-ins.

More campaigns are set to keep the momentum going. This summer, Pepsi plans to sell cans and bottles adorned with PepsiMoji, which have their own Snaps keyboard.

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