The Great Books In Just Six Seconds

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YouTube wanted to prove you can tell a wonderfully complex story in six seconds, so it challenged creatives in the ad world to adapt classic literature into six-second videos.

Alice in Wonderland in six seconds
Alice in Wonderland in six seconds YouTube

YouTube wants to showcase its new six-second video ad format, created for the mobile viewers who have little time for 30-second commercial interruptions. J. Walter Thompson, Wieden & Kennedy, Deutsch and other filmmakers were asked to condense some of the most complex stories ever written into a super-short format.

You can now view six second videos that reinterpret "Alice in Wonderland," "On the Origin of Species," "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "Around the World in 80 Days."

Dracula in six seconds
Dracula in six seconds YouTube

For the project, the agencies clearly couldn't just retell a classic piece of literature chapter by chapter. They had to rethink what's at the heart of the stories and capture that in seconds.

It was also an exercise in efficiency on the production side. The agencies are learning to adapt to the demands of brands that need faster turnaround times on strict budgets.

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