Proving the Fish is Fresh Using Snapchat Stories

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So many new digital tools, it's hard to figure out the best way to use them sometimes. But when the right idea comes along, it's good to have a team that can jump on it.

Credit: TBWA/Paris
Credit: TBWA/Paris

French supermarket chain U has a wide selection of fresh seafood, and was looking to promote that fact. TBWA/Paris steered them toward using Snapchat Stories in order to verify to customers its fish were indeed freshly caught.

Using Snapchat Spectacles, a fisherman, a sales manager and a fishmonger all capture a fish's final hours before arrival at the store. Customers can scan printed snapcodes to see the Snapchat Story of the fish. Because Snapchat Stories only last for 24 hours, it underlines the fact that the fish arrived that day. (See video here.)

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