Media Landscape Influences DMP Design

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Data management platforms continue to evolve, and what they will look like five years from now will depend largely on the media landscape.

Last spring, AOL unveiled a new ad-tech platform, One. The platform brings AOL's ad buying and attribution tools, into a single platform with a single login.

The company also released a new data-management platform which runs the length of One, allowing its users to better target and measure their ad buys. The One platform gathers information from media buys across various channels -- display, email, TV and more -- and, based on return on investment targets its clients input, spits out how they should adjust their spend to hit their targets.

It's a risk for AOL, because One's promise will be fulfilled only if it continues to excel in cross platform identity management and if its spend recommendations are effective.

More recently, AOL unveiled One by AOL: Creative, which is the ad-creation piece of the portal's One by AOL ad-tech stack that also includes tools to programmatically buy ads. Now advertisers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. can target an ad's creative to their audience based on the same data they use to place those ads around the web.

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