Get Help Organizing Your Mobile Data And Start Tracking What Works

By Ad Age Staff Published on .

How many times have you heard the oft-cited example of the consumer walking by Starbucks and he gets a coupon on his phone?

Retailers like Macy's, Walgreens and American Eagle and brands such as Timberland and Kenneth Cole are already turning to mobile personalization via low-energy Bluetooth beacons. These marketers are testing location-based technologies to push targeted offers to consumers when they are shopping in stores. Apple's iBeacon lets retailers know exactly where a consumer is standing in the store, which can make his or her mobile experience more relevant. But how can your marketing teams track and really understand how to best use mobile?

Ad tech companies use mobile phones and the data they produce for a variety of marketing applications. Through geo-marketing, geo-targeting and geo-fencing, they can help brands send real-time offers to consumer's location. In-store beacons can both transmit offers to and gather data from mobile devices. These firms also collect data about specific geographic locations, analyzing that data to help brands identify ways to market by neighborhood. Finally, these companies provide behavioral data by tracking the movement of unique device IDs. These LookBook partners can help you get your mobile plans on track by getting you to the data you need.

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