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How Martech Enhances the Customer Journey

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At Advertising Age's IQ: Marketing and Technology conference, Judy Shapiro, CEO-founder of EngageSimply, walked attendees through the steps of marketing automation and a customer journey.


A sample customer journey starts with topic discovery. For example, a mom is looking for information because her child wants to play football. Search engine queries lead her to articles describing how to keep kids safe while playing football. That's where SEO comes in. After topic discovery, the consumer hits category discovery, roughly midway through the so-called consumer marketing funnel.

Here she finds out about safety helmets, and what they can do to help, so she starts reading about safety helmets and reaches out to friends for recommendations. That's where a topic-based programmatic ad can be deployed, by using cookies and profiles. Social publishing, social listening and influencer platforms can also be used at this stage.

The next step is brand discovery. Automated email personalization and automated web content personalization can be deployed and landing page info can be tailored. At this point, retargeting and refer-a-friend platforms can be used alongside loyalty programs.

Once marketers get to the moment of conversion, mobile ad traffic can drive the consumer to the store, and promotions and loyalty programs can offer what is most relevant.

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