Media Agencies Bring Assets Together

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Group M recently reorganized to absorb other media agencies within its own networks to improve performance and efficiencies.


[email protected], a media agency and performance marketing network inside WPP-owned Ogilvy, is being merged into Group M's Mindshare.

That decision follows on the heels of GroupM merging two of its traditional buying networks, Maxus and MEC, into a yet-unnamed global network while beefing up digital agency Essence.

The merger should help GroupM, the world's largest media buyer, cut costs that it can reinvest in Essence, which serves as Google's global agency of record for digital media. Essence, a high-growth shop known for its digital capabilities and transparent buying model, is expected to build traditional media capabilities into its business.

Industry observers see the [email protected] move as a way to build scale and give Neo more direct access to the media behemoth's data, technology and planning and buying capabilities.

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