Omnicom's New Media Agency Brand Helped it Land AT&T

By Ad Age Staff Published on .

Earlier this year, Omnicom started Hearts & Science, a media agency that is data-driven and geared up to deliver personalized digital marketing through CRM systems. In August, AT&T consolidated its estimated $3 billion account with Omnicom, and Hearts & Science was credited with giving it an edge.

"A single integrated team allows us to move quickly, innovate at scale and take a data-driven, holistic approach to reaching consumers and businesses." said Lori Lee, senior executive VP and global marketing officer at AT&T, in a statement.

AT&T wanted to choose a holding company that seamlessly integrated creative, media, data and analytics. The shift was driven in part by AT&T's desire to be much more digitally and mobile driven with its communications, and move away from its TV-heavy ad budget.

Hearts & Science, which also does work for another huge spender, Procter & Gamble, also offers shopper marketing and content activation.

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