TV Networks Hope Media Agencies Embrace New Measurement

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Top ad sales executives and researchers representing most major TV networks are in discussions to develop a standardized method of proving that their ads work. The initiative, dubbed "Thor" after the Norse god of thunder and Marvel comic/Disney character. The goal is to allow TV networks to show clients not only that their ads reached a certain audience but that they produced specific business results.

The effort is the latest attempt by the TV industry to take on the likes of Facebook and Google, which have siphoned off TV dollars as marketers look for better data on whether their ads are reaching the right consumers and are driving business results. The discussions are still in the early stages. However, if Thor does receive meaningful investment by multiple network groups, it could be ready for testing in as little as six months, according to those working on the initiative.

One network executive says they would want to see if media agencies who represent their clients would be willing to use such a platform. "Without agency acceptance, this wouldn't do much for us," the executive says.

Most likely, media companies would pay for the product, which they would then bring to agencies and advertisers for free in exchange for the marketers' willingness to allow tagging of their websites for measuring purposes.

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