When You Need PR To Rescue a Brand Disaster

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A brand disaster can pop out of nowhere and from anywhere. It can reflect something endemic to a corporate culture or an anomaly that nonetheless pulverizes all the good before it. And in the end, none of that stuff even matters once the debacle has landed.

A mess is a mess that needs cleaning up—the job of the marketers and agencies and crisis management teams that will (hopefully) ensure that in the coming days or months or years no one will care about the nightmare that took place, and fewer still will remember it.

Looking back at four recent brand disasters, it's hard to predict why a brand survives and why another keeps stumbling. Samsung and its phones catching fire, Chipotle and its food-safety woes, United and its mistreatment of passengers and Volkswagon's emission scandal all played out this past year. One commonality? They all needed a savvy PR partner to help them through.

If you are looking for a PR agency to rescue a brand, or just let the world know what your brand is doing right, turn to Look Book.

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