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Four International News Publishers Team Up For Programmatic Offering

By Ad Age Staff Published on .

Digital publishers face a myriad of challenges these days, especially as online behemoths like Google and Facebook have a way of setting the online marketing agenda. In an attempt to compete with those global platforms, four leading international news publishers unveiled plans in 2015 to offer access to their combined online advertising inventory through a digital advertising offering using programmatic technology.

Dubbed the Pangaea Alliance, the group includes The Guardian, CNN International, the Financial Times and Thomson Reuters as partners. Together they claim 110 million users, and each is committing 10% of its inventory to the venture. The Economist, Hearst UK and Time Inc. are also providing access to their inventory. One of Pangaea's selling points is that the ads bought through its network will appear next to quality content. It also bills its audience as having one in four in the top income segments and one-fifth as C-suite executives, with readers spread across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

QuadrantONE, an attempt by the New York Times, the Tribune, Hearst and Gannett to create a similar alliance, closed in 2013, but La Place Media in France, which brings together Amaury Media, FigaroMedias, Lagardère Publicité and TF1, has been in operation since 2012. The Danish Publisher Network and the Czech Publisher Exchange also provide similar platforms.

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