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Print Subscriptions Soar After Election

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ProPublica is one of several outlets, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, witnessing a swell in donations or subscriptions since Donald Trump's victory in the Nov. 8 election.

Vanity Fair, following a Dec. 15 tweet from President Elect Donald Trump disparaging the magazine, added 13,000 subscribers in 24 hours. The New Yorker sold 74,000 subscriptions in November alone. ProPublica receives about 10 donations a day normally. Immediately following the U.S. presidential election, its website was deluged with about three donations every minute.

At the Wall Street Journal, new subscriber volume increased 300 percent the day after the election. At the Times, new print and digital subscriptions have risen at four times their normal rate since election day. The company saw record traffic on its website Nov. 8 through Nov. 10.

Public radio has also gotten a boost. KCRW, one of two outlets in the Los Angeles area associated with National Public Radio, experienced a doubling of donations in the week after the election.

Publicly traded newspaper stocks have benefitted as well, with the largest publisher, Gannett, up 18%. The Standard & Poor's 500 Media Index, which includes TV, advertising and cable, gained 3.7%.

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