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Super Bowl Archive Highlight Production Teams

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There's no better showcase for great production than the Super Bowl. Advertising Age's Super Bowl Ad Archive has years of big-game commercials, and production companies get their due here.

The Super Bowl Ad Archive from Ad Age and Creativity is a marketing-industry resource and journalistic record where ad professionals can pore through years of big-game commercials to research the trends, tactics and talent behind great Super Bowl advertising.

The archive tells the stories behind memorable Super Bowl commercials such as Budweiser's original "Frogs" from 1995, Avocados From Mexico's "First Draft Ever" from 2015, Chobani's "How Matters" from 2014, Bridgestone's "The Scream" from 2008 and Bud's "Instant Replay" classic zebra-referee spot from 2003. The behind-the-scenes stories of how these blockbuster ads were produced celebrates the creative and hard-working people that turn storyboards into spots.

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