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Two Digital Giants Offer to Help Publishers Get More Data to Advertisers

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Google and Salesforce both made moves in recent months to help online publishers improve the data they make available to markters.


Google unveiled the test of a new offering that can provide publishers with aggregated data about visitors to their websites. Information available through the "Insight Engine Project" will include age, gender, relevant search history, shopping history and what visitors seem in the market to buy. Publishers enjoy enviable access to data on consumers that they collect directly with each visit, often capturing even more if a visitor registers and voluntarily offers up personal details in the process. Google hopes to provide additional, particularly helpful data that will let publishers serve more relevant ads through Google's programmatic exchange.

Meanwhile, Salesforce is now offering a platform that helps publishers sell their data to ad buyers. Publishers such as Tronc, Variety, and Leaf Group have already bought in, as media buyers from marketers like Conagra, Anheuser-Busch and Heineken. Powering all this tech is data management platform Krux, which Salesforce acquired in one of advertising's largest acquisitions last year for $700 million. Krux offered similar services under a product called Link, now rebranded as Salesforce Data Studio and offered with a pricing model that Salesforce argues eliminates any incentive to push poor quality data.

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