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Three Keys for Small Agency Success

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It can be overwhelming trying to figure out everything you need to know to build a small agency. For Jeff Benjamin, executive creative director at Barton F. Graf, an independent full-service agency, it comes down to three key areas.

Benjamin said he has learned from past failures. He offered three essential tips at the 2017 Ad Age Small Agency Conference in Nashville.

  1. Embrace not knowing. "You have an unfair advantage in not knowing the answers to a problem, so embrace that," Benjamin said.
  2. Ask for help. "It can feel daunting when you're out there," he said. "You have to know that everyone wants to help each other and all you have to do is ask."
  3. Know what you're not good at. "Ask yourself, 'What are you good at and what are you not good at?' " Benjamin said. "You can't be great at everything. … Find somebody who can help you who does do those things."

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