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Social Media Platforms Experiment with New Ad Models

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Snapchat calls its page where it curates content from across the platform 'Discover.' Instagram calls its page that performs the same function 'Explore.' Now Pinterest is adding a section to its platform to do the same thing, and is also calling it 'Explore.'


All three sections of these social media platforms were created to help publishers and brands create videos and multimedia posts that won't appear out of place in the feed of their users. Pinterest is calling the new section a 'test' for now, but does note that it is an attempt to help create a better ad model.

Pinterest has had some success with advertisers including Target, Wendy's and Burberry. Many brands have shown faith in its nascent ad platform, but Pinterest has been criticized for moving too slowly to build its ad technology and innovate.

As social media platforms continue to experiment and tweak their offerings to find an ad model that generates revenue while not alienating users, marketers will continually need to adjust their own plans and experiment with the new forms.

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