News Apps from Tech Giants Aim to Speed Mobile Delivery

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Apple, Facebook and Google want to reach news consumers with apps that deliver stories quickly to keep users from going elsewhere. In March, Apple made its mobile news app available to publishers of all sizes. Smaller media companies, even independent bloggers, can now obtain editing tools to publish on AppleNews, which provides a clean, consistent look and feel for articles.

Facebook earlier this year announced its program for news on smartphones, Instant Articles, will be available to all publishers after initially being available to a select group. Google unveiled a competing newsreader last month and announced partnerships with many of the same publishers. Apple News stories are curated based on the topics and outlets selected by the reader.

All three companies are looking to alleviate the loading time of sites on mobile, often weighed down by lines of code that deliver advertising. Publishers lose mobile readers and the chance to make money through ads and subscriptions due to that delay.

While some publishers have embraced these new digital platforms, posting many of their articles on them, others have been wary and only post a few because they want to protect ad and subscription revenue. Google's program pushes readers toward paid digital subscriptions, but similar initiatives from Facebook and Apple do not.

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